5 Projects to Get You to Your First Web Dev Job in 2022

5 Projects to Get You to Your First Web Dev Job in 2022

Before jumping on to the projects you need to understand and state a clear purpose of your portfolio. So, let's try to understand what you want to achieve with your projects? You are creating portfolio projects to prove your knowledge and skills which can back up what you are saying to the recruiter. In short, showcasing your learnings! Apart from that, if you have any other reasons in your mind it can distract you! For example, your constant urge to make it as refined as possible so that maybe you can create a start-up out of that single project. But my friend things don't work that way! Now, don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you shouldn't create a refined portfolio project. In fact, make it as pleasing as possible but while doing so don't become a perfectionist. Because taking a step is far more important than not doing anything! Always remember version one will be the worst, things will become more and more refined over a period of time!

Alright so now with a proper mindset let's start talking about the project ideas.

Product landing page

1. Product landing page

A beautifully designed product landing page using HTML, CSS, and core JavaScript. In this project, your main focus should be showing your CSS skills. Things like pixel-perfect layout, responsive design, animations, etc. Spend your time well on this project making sure it stands out. For all the web developers who have a high proficiency over the front end, this is a canvas to show your skills.

Here, having a good UI is a bonus, therefore spend a good amount of time doing your design research on websites like Dribbble or Behance. Also, make sure that you are using some good-quality product photos.

Task manager

2. Task manager

For all the core JavaScript lovers out there, this project is for you! In this project, your main focus should be showing your DOM JavaScript skills. Things like DOM manipulation, using browsers local storage, browsers geolocation API, etc. Although your main focus here is JavaScript try using Scss if you're familiar with it. Remember the goal is to showcase your wide horizon of skills!

Decent UI and/or user authentication with Firebase would be big addons to this project.

Project using API

3. Project using API

In this project, your primary objective should be to show your efficiency in working with network calls and data. Pick up something like React, Angular, or Vue whatever you are comfortable in. If you're confused about the technology, my suggestion would be to go with React (a personal favorite).

For network calls in react you could use Axios and for routing, you can take advantage of react-router-dom. Remember is project is all about showing your skills over a framework and working with APIs.


4. Ecommerce

Finally, a full-stack web project. We'll talk about technologies a bit later. First, you have to understand the skills that you're trying to show with this project and that is working full-stack both front end as well as back end. Ecommerce would surely cover things like user authentication, profile management, products management, etc.

For the tech stack, it would depend on you! If you're a JavaScript developer go with MERN stack or MEAN stack. If you're a python developer go with React as the front end and Django as the back end. Also here database will play a major role!

Social media with chat

5. Social media with chat

Alright, in the last project you almost showed your efficiency for working with a full-stack web application. But, web development is evolving at a very fast pace therefore, just working with one stack isn't always enough you need to also show that you can integrate your project with third-party services! And that's where a chat app would help.

Here, to create a real-time chat application you would have to use some third-party services. And when we talk about real-time chat services Websockets come into the picture.

Understand is project won't be easy for simple, it will take a huge amount of time maybe 3 to 6 months, but believe me, that would be worth it! There will be times when you'll get frustrated working on this app but if you can pass via that phase you'll have a great project plus experience to show in your resume.


So there you have it — five Projects to Get You to Your First Web Dev Job in 2022. While not exhaustive, I hope this post goes some way to help you orient yourself in the ever-changing world of web development and gives you some idea of what to build next.

And don’t forget, reading blogs or watching tutorials is great, but there’s no substitution for actually building stuff. Your next employer will be more impressed by an active GitHub account than a list of what you’ve consumed.